Arts Links
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Developing academic oral language through art in English and Spanish

JP Getty ESL Language through art curriculum

Developing academic language in Art --Jeff Zwiers

Language at the Core and arts instruction

Google art project collections from lots of museums
Arts and Teaching ELLs NYS Curriculum

doodlers anonymous

National Gallery Arts for Kids
Voice of Art
Fractal arts

Where art meets botany and vice versa! Rob Kessler
Landfill orchestra

No Right brain left behind

Crafts for kids
online art collections for kids

Art for social justice--Bringing awareness to Latino Labor in Beverly hills Youtube!

ELL Teacher Pro-art recommendation site
Kids' art video (at my niece's school PS 316) at 16 seconds see her in pink dress
Online art activities

Artist's Toolbox (very cool)
art Sparkers
Guide to looking at and engaging with diverse art
Enchanted Learning art & artists

Global arts on caring
Incredible Art Lessons
Mexican Art Lesson Plans by teachers

Fine Arts
Applied Arts

Web museum (text and images on artists—e.g. Cezanne)

Cave art in Cuba

Jan Brett's Art videos--sharing how to draw through illustrations of her books
jan Brett's home page

Art Capades (websites, tutorials, instructional strategies)
MOMA online collection search

Met-Timeline of Art History
Integrating Drama into the Curric (see other links for lesson plans)

Art History on the Web (by period, country,

Art glossary
Art lesson Plans


arts education, cognition and student centered learning

Stone soup Children’s art collections (American & international

Mother of all arts links

online exhibits

Arts and Student Achievement

Art as a behavior mangagement tool;col1

Arts and ELLS

Smithsonian Arts Site (search for artists)
Romaine Beardon

Art Education

Student Art

Art lessons by grade level

exhibits and happenings in the city (great way to search for museums)

Studio in a School Programs

ArtBlue Print

Making room for art from studio programs

High 5 ($5 tickets to the arts for MS and HS level students)

Young Audience of NY

Urban and graffiti arts

Ron Nesbitt

NYC Photos Evan Joseph