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Khan Academy-Teacher to the world


New Visions Curriculum Resources

FreeRice---every right answer-rice is donated to the poor (many subjects, math, science social studies)

CCSS ELA anchor standards and Content areas (1 page)

Integrative websites (thanks Noelle)

ELL Inquiry Project (Cucchiara)

k-12 close reading in content areas Webinar (WestEd)

Literacy in Content areas (WestEd) in middle and high schools

E is for Explore

Disciplinary knowledge in Elementary school

LA Youth current topics articles of interest, [[#|lesson plans]]

10 tips for differentiation

Cooperative learning strategies

lizard point

Science and Math lessons plans from Duke University teacher workshops

Universal Design Digital Collections

Curriculum mapping

Expeditionary learning

Problem based curriculum (design and engineering) teacher videos

Some good student-center resources

Root & Shoots project in the Bronx

WNYC Child Development Being 12-

Film literacy using the Oscars

Anita Archer's materials and graphic organizers (lots of great stuff!!!)
GREAT Graphic Organizers

Lesson plan source-open ed

Academic language network lesson exemplars

Better lessons (CCSS and content areas--K-12)

Strategies for content area teaching

Yale New Haven Teacher Institute by teachers very well developed

understanding by design (chapter 2)

Habits of mind

Experts on building background

compare anything

Margot's [[#|Survey research]] on the best Chocolate chip cookie in Clinton Hill (Camp Alamander)

Nonfiction blogs and sites

Essential questions in different content areas-¢.aspx

higher order questions Anne Palinscar


Children's literature databases
search tools
Reviews of children's literature by themes
lists of literature by theme

Academic language -Schleppegrell
Linguistic features of the language of schooling

Population Education (integrated science, math, social science)
Curriculum/finding ideas

summary of PBL

Academic Language development network lessons

Startalking lesson planning guidel

Content Videos

National Geographic Teachers' pages

Integrated geography lessons (science, literacy, history, math) Click on right [[#|side bar]]

NY Times magazine for teens

Teaching students to analyze non-verbal texts

24 hours in pix from around the world

Teaching videos

Sentence Frame video (social studies example)

Lesson plan search[]=143465


integrated curriculum

Share my lesson --Lesson & activity resources
NC toolkit-unpacking standards

Differentiation Wiki

ELL teacher Pro recommended sites

Robert Gagne's Learning Theories
Three domains of learning (cognitive, affective, & psychomotor)
Blooms Taxonomy

Bloom & gardner matrices

helping students develop higher order thinking skills

Constructing Knowledge in the classroom
Teaching every student in the digital age (universal design)

How we learn podcast (NPR)

Verbs & examples for writing objectives for different subject areas

Virtual Museums
PBS Teachers' Domain available to NYC educators (videos and lesson plans)
Academic reading & writing in the content areas
Academic literacy in the content areas
Content literacy (literacy matters)
Integrated curriculum lessons--theme Mt. Everest

zooming in for details

integrated curriculum
In immersion
Inquiry based

Secondary Language Arts, Science, SS, Math Texts and support materials (GREAT RESOURCE!!!)

Text Structure

content Reading strategies
Lesson plans for text organizations
Teaching text structures
Reading skills downloads

Aesop's Fables

Watch Learn Video Index

Comix-21 ways to use + YouTube

Education Oasis
lots of graphic organizers and helpful reading and subject area resources-

Graphic Organizer Maker software

Language Development for all

Channel 13 site--NY Teachers' domain (register for free site with videos and lesson plans for NYS teachers)

Literacy through content (part 1)
Literacy through content (part 2)
Supporting literacy thru content
Adolescent literacy in content

Organizing for Effective content instruction

Word generation in different subject areas

Project Looksharp--Curriculum on Media literacy in economics, environmental science and others areas

Grammar site for your review (power points, handouts and more)
Topics, lessons & resources General themes
Apprenticing Adolescents in Reading Subject Areas (PDK-online)
[[#|Reading Comprehension]] and Vocabulary Development (E.D. Hirsch---AFT)
Vocab. Research on Middle school students
word generation
Word focus

NYTimes "Building a better teacher"
Teaching video snippets (some interesting strategies
Lemov's taxonomy
Literature and CBI
CA web-based activities by subject and grade
Critical Thinking Resources (scroll down for K-12 lessons & strategies)
Redesigning lessons with a critical thinking perspective
differentiation of instruction—strategies and approaches
differentiation of instruction at the middles school level (interesting web site)
Tips for word walls
great collection of links for all subject areas
Content area reading strategies

I believe--message from a kindergartner (text) (voice)

clip art images
graphic organizers for content
Concept [[#|maps]]
Mindmaps--wikipedia --cool

graphic maps (interactive design--very cool).
webmaking tool

using photographs to teach
International Children’s Digital Library (free digital books)
Internet picture dictionary

Enchanted learning content materials
Marco Polo (newsletters, [[#|calendars]])

National Geographic—join to get free lessons and resources

Why files

Can Teach
NYS Eblast of Ed Resources

Internet public library
online texts (good variety--for young & older students, classics, non-fiction, & poems)

podcasts for oral and listening comprehension

Smithsonian Global Sounds

Library of congress for teachers

Lists of content specific vocabulary
Teaching analogies (good word study activities & resources)


Layered curriculum youtubes

PeaceCorps integrated community curriculum
NYS Standards based Lessons in content areas PreK-12--
Marco Polo Search engine

HS Science Lesson plans

Discovery School Lesson Plans

NY Times Lesson Plan Archive

Strategies for empowering Students (lessons)

Lesson plans on an array of topics

Lessons by teachers in CA search by grade and topic

Accountable talk in the 4th and [[#|5th grade]] classes
“Mediating Language Learning: Teacher Interactions in a Content-Based Classroom,” by Pauline Gibbons, TESOL Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 2., Summer 2003 (not online)