Mathematics Links
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ticking population bomb--NYTimes June 17

Free digital math lessons (thanks Dilma)

Secondary Math strategy

prior knowledge math skills-Enrique

Hands on Measurement

Math Antics free video lessons

online [[#|software]] that includes a graphing calculator and activities for Geometry, Statistics, and [[#|Algebra]] concepts

Prodigy Math Game
This is a [[#|game]] in which students can compete against each other in a mystical land by solving math problems at varying levels.

Math Sentence Starters

Math Strategies for ELLs

AIR Scaffolding Guide of Math

Math graphing song

Math language for ELLs

Math instruction Reading Rockets

Spanish math lessons

LEA with math (spaghetti & marshmellos)

MELL website hopefully will be reinstated.
MELL (math for ELLs) in TX
MELL math resources
MELL research and strategies for ELLs
Bridging the language barrier in Math (Math Teacher)

Immigration unit integrated with math (Am Hist project)

Master teacher lessons

Math & science lessons by teachers

NYSED translated Math Modules

TED Talks
Unexpected math in Van Gogh's starry night
Was math discovered or invented?
Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man of Math

math and science in Sports
Anatomy of a home run
Chemistry of running
Bringing the universe to classrooms

Graph Generation

Why the metric system matters. TED TALK
History of Eng--TED talk

Math Position paper (national council fro teaching mathematics)

Math Strategies for ELLs

Edith Ramirez Music [[#|math problem]] solving

Role of language in mathematics

Beginning counting and number sentences peer assessment

Stats in fish and fishing abuses

Inside Math website

8th grade SIOP Math video clip

Class video clips of math standards at different grade levels

math & science [[#|resource]] (Smithsonian)

Math Strings (a website developed by NY elementary teachers

6th grade math lesson plan

Go Math introduction video

Oakland unified school district math toolkit

Other OUSD resources

Mixingin math TERC

Problems with CCSS

Video on implementing CCSS math standards

Math K-4 Video Library Annenberg

Math video/strategy teaching

CCSS & math --helping ELLs

College math readiness

38 wrong but genius answers!

[[#|Benefits]] of Discussion in Math class

Why Americans stink at math (2014)

Math chants to learn the language of math

Math tradebooks

Mr. R.’s World of Math and Science Click on “Math Poems”

Standards-Based Math Activities

Other cultures ways of [[#|multiplication]]
Hindi -

Counting and Math Rhymes by Florida Center for Instructional [[#|Technology]] (FLIT) Mostly counting, but some other things also.

deadliest animals chart & video

Geomath science lessons

Math in the early years: A strong predictor for later success

K-3 Math counting song video

Silent signals in math class

Teacher caring and Math efficacy among CA latinos

Math Literacy Vocab by grade level--

math middle school core activities & videos (PBS)

M & M activities

Math & the language barrier

Reading and mathematics connection: ELLs' perspectives

Math resources

Stanford Math for understanding J. Moskovitch

SIOP Case study on in a [[#|1st grade]] math class (2013 Masters thesis)

SIOP 6th grade math lesson plan

Math & Common core standards (3rd grade class)

Engaging families in Science and Math

using 2 languages when learning math

TERC Math curriculum

K-8 math Content standards (illustrative math)

Mid Sch Math Teacher's Wiki

Stanford ELL site
math & CCSS (video) (paper)
science & CCSS (video)

culture & math achievement study

mathematically speaking language magazine

Latino Kindergarten students' social interaction in math (2010)
math instruction for ELLs
helping ELLs solve word problems
internet math help for ELLs

strategies to help ELLs with math
Math & ESL EducatingELLsBuildingTeacherCapacityVol1.[[#|pdf]]

improving math for ELLs
mathstart site-tying lit to math
books by topic, skills and level
books by NCTMS

K-5 math literature list

Math & literature

Math Strategies for ELLs with LD

academic language & math
Reading and writing in the Mathematics Classroom
Learning English in the Math & Science classroom

Articles by Walter Secada
NCTM standards and principles
NCTM lessons & Resources
Practical lessons
Spanish Math Glossary (english terms-Spanish definitions)

math [[#|games]] & topics by age (go in as a guest)

Math notes by subject

Math [[#|Study Tips]]

Math for America

Rap for math instruction

Sites for Kids

Fractal arts
counting (early childhood)
can you balance?
number lines
Math lessons and interactive practice by topics!

Math Videos explaining extensive operations(older learners)
Math Videos (young learners)
Practice (computation)
BBC Skills
Necklaces constructivist math and [[#|technology]] project in English and Spanish
SOS math
Intro to abacus
Math Playground

Constructivism and mathematics

Math test accommodations for ELL middle school children

Problems and Problem Solving
1. Carol has written a number pattern that begins with 1, 3, 6, 10, 15. If she continues this pattern, what are the next four numbers in her pattern?
2. You save $3 on Monday. Each day after that you save twice as much as you saved the day before. If this pattern continues, how much would you save on Friday?
3. Jack walked from Santa Clara to Palo Alto. It took 1 hour 25 minutes to walk from Santa Clara to Los Altos. Then it took 25 minutes to walk from Los Altos to Palo Alto. He arrived in Palo Alto at 2:45 P.M. At what time did he leave Santa Clara?
4. Laura has 3 green chips, 4 blue chips and 1 red chip in her bag. What fractional part of the bag of chips is green?
5. Judy is taking pictures of Jim, Karen and Mike. She asks them, " How many different ways could you three children stand in a line?"
6. Sam put 18 pencils in 3 equal groups. How many pencils are in each group?

the Canadian School Math page (5th-12th grade problems)

interactive math—hearing, seeing, and doing math

Brick Activity

[[#|Lesson Plans]]
9-12 math lesson plan on slope
time zone lesson
ratios & percents
volume lesson
Applied Mathematics
[[#|hearing]] is believing
Why is math so hard?

Math Tools

Math Forum
3-D Drawing
Math Forum Internet Library of Math Subjects and Problems by level (a very rich and extensive site)

the area of a parallelogram
egg math (symmetry &)
Symmetry webquest
hand squeeze
Fun Math
Coordinate graphing (interactive)
Math for Morons
[[#|Algebra]] basics

K-8 science & math Magazine

Pennies for Peace
Math online
Math Lessons
Jefferson Math Project (HS)
Math Cats
6th grade teacher’s math links
NCES Classroom
Math Archives
Math Magic
Math-NCTM (lessons)

NYS Glossary of Math terms by grade level (K-8)
[[#|Online math]] resources

Journal of [[#|Education for]] Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR) 2001, Vol. 6, No. 1&2, Pages 115-132 Bridging Funds of Distributed Knowledge: Creating Zones of Practices in Mathematics (not available on line)

Eisenhour Math Topics & links,1544,1%2Darithmetic+word+problems%2Dall%2DWord+Problems,00.shtm

Math content by subject (a bit technical but some good stuff)
Postulates (write the language that goes with the words)
Interactive Math On Line (technical review of subjects ~to what you studied in HS)

Math words
Math dictionary for kids with visuals

Math Playground (elementary [[#|games]], practice, and activities)

Reaching common ground in K-12 math

Math & the gender gap

Teachers scrap balls and slices

Rappin Math

Investigations TERC