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Historical novels for beginning readers

Variety of Standards based social studies units and PDs

LIU student blog

Differentiation for ELLs --a social studies unit (Masters thesis)

CCSS Historical standards Grades 6-12

From many lands--commercial site with world dolls and stories from different countries

time is a human conception

civics Justice Sotomayor thanks Eric A

NYESED K-12 social studies Resource Toolkit

NYDOE scope and sequence

DOE Pre K Communities unit

CALLA history

Mr. Beat's Social Studies videos--lots of songs

Ken Burns Book on Presidents (Omissions)

Origin of Encyclopedia

Food Chain workers alliance

WestEd [[#|Webinar]] on Content Literacy in History nd social studies

Grade 1 SS-unit field test NYC DOE 2005

US history standards Grades 5-12

K-4 History standards

Best History Sites

World history for us all
US history for us all

Thomas Jefferson: America's first Sociopath

TX college students don't know basic historical events--appauling

Immigration unit integrated with math (Am Hist project)

Stanford Univ historical thinking charts and lessons
Journey to JamesTown
Paul Revere virtual museum (scroll down)
paul revere's ride with highlighted vocab (Longfellow)

Maplight --money and corruption

Critical practices for anti-bias [[#|education]]

Central text anthology (from teaching tolerance)

Teaching channel on Emigrations SS-grade 6-8

What moves you? Global media issues

Charleston Syllabus (from Wanda Watson)

I learn America film & guide
Facing History Identity publication

US History [[#|resources]]

Pew on the greatest dangers in the world

Middle East Children's Alliance (video project). (Thanks Angela J!)

Morningside center for Social Responsibilitiy

Sample K-8 Social studies ELA [[#|lesson plans]]

Teaching about Ferguson

Langston Hughes on kids who die

Black in Latina America PBS lesson plan with videos

Latin American studies at Urban Academic (Brooklyn)

Teaching tolerance text selection
Selecting diverse texts

Explaining diverse families

History and purposes of the police force in the 1800s.

Crash course on history topics (youtubes)

CCSS social studies text structure and analysis

Next Gen Content text structure slideshow

Americans who tell the truth (portraits)

Social studies for kids

The is Sparta (TED Talk)

Uncle Tom's cabin

Zinn [[#|Education]] sources

Literacy in History (Schleppegrell)
Geography & History integrated lessons

Google earth for teachers

Online world maps (interactive)

George Washington Slave catcher, NYTimes

Ted Talk on Atlantic slave trade.

Historical literacy

American history--revision for AP History by College Board

Internet & truth in history? check those sources

US Presidential portraits

World [[#|Map of]] Crops OriginsFrom (Britt F.)


National Geographic interactive climate maps ([[#|map]] maker),-64.01450,120.79973,64.01450&t=1&ls=000000001000

Putting Africa into perspective--What fits in the African continent---very cool.

10 top multinational food companies

History Summit--some great papers, powerpoints, and videos on language in history (Schleppegrell)

NYS CCSS social studies standards grades 9-12

Using multiple texts to teach Social studies

Sneeches and tolerance

24 hours in pictures Best pictures from around the world

History of Climate change in 83 seconds

hearing voices stories and images of past and recent history

Gen La Riva's Election Project [[#|5th grade]] special ed

Teach empathy with digital story telling with immigrant students/stories

Chinese grandfather story

Immigration [[#|lesson plans]]!new-contest-lesson-plans/c1ivu

Elementary Immigration lesson (wisconsin)

Immigration in the US (Yale project)

ellis Island

Cluster maps

Teach immigration WikiSpace

Cultural equity teaching resources

JFK resources
A picture book about JFK

Social studies reading and writing resources

Cave art in Cuba

SS for ELLs

SS in English and Spanish resources from Scott Foresman

Resource Wiki for history teachers (award winner from Wikispaces)

this week in Sociology
Light-skinned blacks used for fundraising in NOLA 1860s

First Slave museum®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well

Global arts on caring
Socmy name intercultural project

Social studies unit outlines by grade level

[[#|Radio]] Diaries
Heroines in History

Industrial revolution

Picture history (US historical pictures by decade or category)

Classzone interactive history books
animations, games, lots of interesting stuff!!!!!
History & Social Studies resources

Howard Zinn (his last speech to teachers 01-19-10) in A people's history of the US
The Zinn Project resources for Teachers

Haiti: A potential phoenix (a 9 part review of history and politics of Hait that led to impoverished conditions prior to the earthquake)
Part 1
(click on subsequent links in youtube)

American experience online
A class apart Mexican American civil rights

Mexican immigration primary resources (library of congress)

Firfth graders help to rewrite Mexican History

social studies on Delicious

This week in Sociology--weekly topics

Social studies for ELLs

Students of the World--connect with others

Magical Moments in a Global Village (UNICEF site)

Advancement Project
CA situation

ESL social studies in mainstream HS level

Junior Historians Doing Oral Histories with ELLs
Becoming Historials-methods for History teaching in the elementary grades

The story of stuff

Americans who tell the truth (portraits and bio)

Unesco Lest we forget Triumph over slavery presentation

Remake the world Slavery and Justice

The constitution was pro-slavery

UN Cyber Site
UN global teaching and learning project
You think you know (global issues, quizzes, activities, actions for kids & teachers)
peace corps resources
Free Poverty Geography game

Free Rice Vocabulary game
Pennies for Peace
(Cross cultural understanding lessons)

Peace studies Johan Galtung

The childrens' war resources for your
Citizen 13660

Middle East lesson plans

Tunisian Poet's Verses Inspire Arab Protesters

Middle School Teacher SS Website

Children’s Book on [[#|AIDS]] (from United Nations)
museums to teach about Japan

Globalization 101
Center for African Studies.

Africans in America 1450-1865

First blacks in the Americas (CUNY in African Presence in the DR Project)

Lesson: Impact of Valentines day on S.A flower
NYSED Global history curriculum

Teaching about Haiti

Geography science and SS lessons For Diverse Learners

Map skills
There's a map on my lap
Child reading the book

mapzone--interactive map study skills (very cool)
world [[#|atlas]]

Maps, Puzzles, &links

Geography games
National Geography Council

Giraffe Project (heroes who stick their necks out)

Geography links from a 6th grade teacher

US Geography Trivia
State facts

NYC geography activities

Hudson Valley Lessons

Maps (historical-world)

An integrated skills lesson on maps & legends
Great Lakes Geography, History and Culture

A teachable moment Kindergarten teacher's response to the Iraq war

Historical fiction
Mrs. Velazquez 7th grade History wikipage
Teaching channel talking & writing about Lewis and Clark
Lewis & Clark: Same place different perspective
Lewis & Clark Close reading unit with NYS CCSS
Lewis and Clark Non-fiction unit

Hyperhistory online (great site with timelines, texts, famous people--absolutely fantastic!!!!)
Teaching with timelines
Creating timelines of a life (biographies)
Free SS power points (thanks Claudia V)
Lots of lessons by grade and topic
Historical census site

Eyewitness to history

Silk road Ted talk

Building historical thinking

Native American Resources
First People's legends
Pocahantus Myth
Native Am Boarding Schools
myths about Thanksgiving
Iroquois lesson plan
TC Iroquois & Algonquinians
Good integrated map & lessons

Virtual Chat with historical figures
Social studies videos (cartoons)
History videos
National Humanities Center Toolbox of historical materials (forthcoming materials --check back)

African-American Migration (Schomburg)

National Parks Heritage Documents
Asian Reflections
African Reflections
Diversity Reading list
Africanisms Reading list
AsianAmerican Heritage Reading list
Cultural Heritage (Assessment)
Diversity literature curriculum resources

american history on the move
Early American Education through images //
Early American History & Culture through Images //
Thomas Jefferson
American Revolution (collection of links)
PBS Freedom A History of Us

Womens history lesson plans & primary sources (Seneca Fall)
Sojourner truth teachertube

Adirondack Curriculum Projects
New York Spooky stories
Skyscrapter Museum
Workers’ rights (sweatshops, & border watch)

Immigration resource

Civil rights teaching project
Eyes on the prize curriculum

Landmark Supreme Ct cases (at different reading levels) thanks Claudia--does not include Lau V Nichols

Martin Luther King Jr. Resources & Lessons
I have dream Kadir Nelson video
teaching civics in multileveled ESL class
NYSED Civics Toolkit

African American Politics Online Exhibit (Schomberg Library)
history globe-virtual history lessons
Resources for teachers & Students

Harlem 1900-1940 (great resources for teachers!!!)
Schomberg Exhibit

Best history Lessons

School History Site from UK (lessons & interactive tasks)

Tolerance stories and activities

Library of Congress Learning Page

Authentic History
History Links
Internet guide to modern history

Content History Schleppegrel
literacy in history,299,SAR.html

SBH powerpoint on language

National History--questioning texts
Content teaching

Grammar of History teaching

Old Sturbridge Village (American History Lessons & Resources)

American History Teaching Project

Latin American Resources (primary & secondary—lots of links)

Social studies on-line support

Poetry with Social Justice themes
Environmental social justice group in Sunset Park Brooklyn

Book Rags on History

social studies secondary level

Reading skills in Social Studies

Current events (newsblaster—summaries)

Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream

Teaching about language & civil society

African American Migrations (Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture)

MalcolmX Search for Truth

Brooklyn lesson plans

NYC timelines

using community to enrich teaching
first grade SS curriculum

Race-The power of illusion (pbs)
The Freedom Project
Facing History

Race Websites (PSB)

Harpers weekly (US history texts)
the old timer page—historical primary accounts

Am. Memory Historical Museum (Library of Congress)

Library of Congress (topics and time periods)

World History Archives
Martinadales media center (libraries, world history, arts, comics, newspapers)

History lessons & activities for teachers (Library of Congress)

American folklife Center (lots there)

K-12 Social Studies and Museums

guide to history on the web (search by period)

the history place

history Exhibits (UMN—by place)

Martindales country info

Political Science internet resources

Ethics in Movies & TV

In-time History Video of 8th graders

Ben Franklin's Guide to government (by grade level)

young curators curriculum (chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 on using primary and secondary sources and designing and exhibit)

Lewis & Clark curriculum

Teaching about Brown Vs. the Bd of Ed.

Census resources
American Census Fact finder

A brief history of English
Classical Greek, Roman & Bible
Classical Chinese literature and history
Ancient history sourcebook
Chinese literature

Creating Hypertext Dialogues with Narrative Historical Texts

Ohio 7th grade world history project

This day in history

Youtube --Class dismissed-How TV frames the working class-!

19th Century Children with toys